Hand-Picked Atlanta is a website featuring curated experiences throughout the city of Atlanta.


UI Web Designer

The Problem

I was on staff as the Social Media Manager and noticed a large gap between the voice and branding on social media channels and the presentation and navigation of the actual product and website. I wanted to find a way to leverage our Instagram following to an increase in conversion and overall website traffic.







My main goals for this project were to:

  • build a user friendly web experience that translates into an increase of sales

  • bridge the gap between the voice and appearance of the brand from the viewpoint of Instagram to the website

  • highlight the curation of each individual experience through elevated design

Competitive Analysis

 I researched competitors within the ticketing and/or tourism industry with a presence in Atlanta. 

on the grid.jpg
lonely planet.jpg

Feature Competitive Matrix

After spending time on each competitor's site, I compiled a list of helpful features that enhanced the user experience.


After comparing competitors and collecting comments from customer service, I had a better idea of the features I wanted to add to the user experience:

  1. A profile to view previous and current purchases.

  2. Updated 'search by date' feature for users with the ability to select the exact activities they want to search for in specific neighborhoods.

  3. Updated and informative feature page with more focus on the actual experience/event and what is included.

Site Map

Once I had a better understanding of what new features the user had requested, I worked out a site map that included a new profile feature to save and view previous purchases.

Initial Sketches

I began exploring some of the key pages with low-fidelity wireframes including the homepage, feature page, and category catalog. With the existing user in mind, I kept most of the main navigation in the same places. I added a profile option and made space for more visuals within the feature page to break up the text and communicate details to the user more clearly.

Updated Search by Date Feature

The previous method to search by date didn't offer any customization for type of event or area of the city which was an extremely painful experience. In the updated Search by Date feature, users can look at specific neighborhoods using neighborhood names or their specific location. They can also search for specific types of experiences.

Final Design

The final design reflects the playful nature that the Hand-Picked brand has grown into. The colors are playful and a spin off of the Marta color scheme (specific Atlanta reference). The imagery is bright, energetic, and highlights the city's unique offerings.

Going Forward

In the future, I would love to create a mobile app equivalent that can integrate with Instagram with a share feature to put experiences from the catalog on a user's story or feed. Since most of the Hand-Picked user base engages through Instagram, I see this increasing both conversion rates and engagement.


Also, most users use their phones to pull up ticketing information. I'd love for ticketing to be more easily accessible through an app so that it can be pulled up with a single tap vs. going to an internet browser, signing in, and accessing it that way.