Hand-Picked Atlanta

Hand-Picked Atlanta is a website featuring curated experiences throughout the city of Atlanta.


UX Design

UX Research

Content Strategy

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Project summary


Where I started

Hand-Picked Atlanta had always had an incredibly engaged social following, but there was a noticeable gap between the experience with the brand on social media and the actual website. 

THE Hypothesis

What was the desired impact

If the website better catered to our most engaged social followers, it would increase website traffic and conversion.

THE Solution

Where I ended up

The final solution was a brand makeover and a few added features to make finding unique Atlanta experiences easier, and more delightful.


What I learned

I collected data from a comparative analysis of indirect competitors, customer feedback, and web analytics.

The good

repeat customers

Social media engagement

Our partners

Hand-picked Atlanta's social media following was youthful, playful, and fun. Followers were incredibly engaging and Hand-Picked received a lot of website traffic from social channels. They regularly hosted giveaways, and worked with local influencers to drive engagement and brand adoption further.

Once a customer learned how to navigate the site, they quickly would become repeat customers. 

Hand-Picked Atlanta worked closely with  brands to create crafted and exclusive experiences. They were very proud of their offerings and always got a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners.

The bad

Painful experience

Hard to navigate

the fine print

Users had difficulty navigating the website to find the activities they wanted. The location and clarifying event details were hidden in the actual page making it challenging to know where, when, or what an activity was.

The biggest customer pain point was the inability to access purchase history and save personal information for quicker checkouts. When a user lost a ticket confirmation email, the only way to retrieve the information was to contact support and wait for a response. 

The fine print details of the event were too unclear. Users didn't know what was or wasn't included in a ticket price and were apprehensive to purchase without further clarity. To further validate this, abandon rates were very high and conversion very low.


How I got there

Site map

My client prioritized a set of features that were feasible for the first iteration of this redesign. I took those features and mapped out the architecture of the website with a site map.

handpicked flow(1).png


I began exploring some of the key pages with low-fidelity wireframes and presented them to my client until they were in a good place to move forward with higher fidelity designs.

Final design

What was the impact

The final design reflects the playful nature that the Hand-Picked brand has grown into. The imagery is bright, energetic, and highlights the city's unique offerings.

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SEARCH by date, location and activity type

The previous website's search functionality didn't offer any option to filter results based on location or type of event. In the updated Search by Date feature, users can look at specific neighborhoods using neighborhood names or their specific location. They can also search based on specific types of experiences.

Atlanta at the center of it all

It was very important to keep Atlanta at the center of the experience. A scrolling interaction lead to a delightful entrance clearly setting the tone for a playful and city-driven web experience.

Project reflection

What we still don’t know or how we can improve

the true impact

Due to unforeseen circumstance, the project never shipped. There was a lot of potential to iterate upon this initial design based on customer feedback, usability testings, and tracking web analytics that was never able to be explored.

MOBILE APP exploration 

There was a lot of potential for a mobile app that allowed our brands the ability to manage their ticketing and payouts or directly track the impact that working with us had on their business.