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Casey Harper

Product Designer in NYC

I approach product design from a long history of design practice. Wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, I am driven by the true desire of having exponential impact. Currently, that has translated into passionate strategy work for monetization and checkout solutions at Mailchimp.


Mailchimp Tiering

Simplifying complexity around purchasing a plan and ongoing plan management for Mailchimp users. 


Calendly Workspaces

Allowing Calendly admins to manage everything and everyone related to a project or initiative in one place.

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Calendly Invoice Download

Giving Calendly customers the ability to download an invoice for their records and lifting a weight off of our support team’s shoulders.



Empowering environmentally conscious consumers to purchase the most sustainable goods.

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13 Pro - 6.png
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After Hours

My music

Before I was a product designer, I was a touring musician performing my own songs and with bands like Family and Friends, Besides Daniel, and Wilder Adkins.

My coworkers

Rosco and Dottie share my workspace. While they regularly appear in zoom meetings, no one is quite sure what their contribution is, but we're happy to have them.

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