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Design a new website and branding for psychotherapist, Brittany Presley

Competitive Analysis

Our team began looking at similar sites for inspiration and best practices. As we pulled from various sources, patterns started to emerge and we took note.

Selah Counseling had a very calming color scheme and excellent photography.

Darma Counseling and Yoga had a very clear scheduling flow and a beautiful muted color scheme

State of Mind used a fun muted color pallet to create a lighthearted experience.


We noticed a pattern emerge from our analysis. Muted color tones and great quality photography were used to help put users at ease while remaining informative.

Initial Sketches

I began exploring some of the key pages with low-fidelity wireframes of each page.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 1.20.40 PM.png


Based on the initial sketches, I started making high fidelity mockups to review with the team.

Brittany Presley Psycotherapy Services-1


Brittany wanted her branding to be calming, earthy, and grounded. I used muted earthy tones. The specific words used were "I want it to feel like where an old man would smoke cigars." We chose Montserrat for body text and DM Serif Text for headings for a more ornate accent.

Bea_Branding Board.png

Next Steps

Currently, the team is taking steps towards producing content for the site. I've started testing the lo-fi prototype with UsabilityHub. Once content is ready and this phase of testing is complete, we will more forward with the final design.