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Giving e-commerce users an easier way to send relevant product selections to their audience.

Product Recs


Aligning a checklist form across multiple touchpoints in the app to drive a more holistic ecosystem for better ease of use.




Giving Calendly users the ability to download their invoices.

Invoice Download


I’m an Hudson valley-based product designer at Mailchimp currently working on our core email creation journey. Before that, I was designing enterprise and admin experiences at Calendly.

I thrive in human-centric spaces that promote and nurture curiosity and honesty. Whether it’s through solving real problems for real people with my team or building a community with a sense of trust and belonging, people are my jam.

About me

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A shameless plug for some fun and weird music I make in my free time.

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Let me pull out my wallet photo of my precious pups, Rosco and Dottie

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